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Post by Alex on Sat 12 Jan - 6:06

The administrator steers forum, he can name other administrators to support it in his functions, and moderators among members to control the contents of messages.

The administrator and the moderators have the power of:
-To banish a member of the (definitive) forum, access to the forum would be impossible for him(her).
-To abolish messages or subjects
-To close or to move subjects
-To edit messages (to modify)
-To abolish all the messages of a member
-To erase avatars considered shocking from the members as well as quotations and signatures.

A moderator is susceptible to abolish any post which would not be appropriate with the subjects of discussion in the started threads, editorial line of the site, or which would be against the law. You will be warned with a mail of every penalty.

If you notice an abuse in a subject, you can warn the moderators.

The moderators and the Administrators are not your servants!!! If you wish something thank you to make it politely, a minimum of respect is rigorous.

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