Entre el amor y el odio (2002) Telenovela

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sourire Entre el amor y el odio (2002) Telenovela

Post by Alex on Sun 13 Jan - 15:52

Summary :

After the death of his uncle Fernando, Octavio, a strong and virile man who lived far away from his family for many years, returns to his native city to attend the funeral. Octavio blames his uncle for the ruin and death of his father, and for separating him from Frida, the woman whom he loved. The life of Ana Cristina is surrounded by a mystery. Adopted by Don Manuel, whom she considers her grandfather, she lived in a small cabin all her life, under the protection of Don Fernando, whom she loves as a father. Ana Cristina and Octavio never met before, now they will meet for the first time. Octavio was told by an evil Marcial that Ana Cristina used to be a lover of Fernando. He starts hating her for that, thinking that she is just an opportunist and doesn't miss a chance to offend her. Ana Cristina also hates him for the rude way he treats her. But deep inside their heart they love each other and realize that. Everything will get even more complicated after the reading of testimony of Fernando and the return of Frida in Octavio's life. Ana Cristina and Octavio will find out that there is a line of forgiveness between love and hatred, and crossing this line means giving life to the heart.

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